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Britain’s Most Gorgeous Man (in 1950...), he’s probably dead now.

Male beauty pageants were a big deal back in the 50s and because being openly homosexual was still frowned on by certain church organists, the gay community had to secretly indulge on this kind of thing. You didn’t have to be that muscley in the 1950s to be considered a bodybuilder, because protein shakes hadn’t been invented and generally speaking people weren’t completely insane. In fact the men in this video look more like the Queen’s Court smoking area in Leeds on a random Tuesday afternoon.

Here is Mr Apollo, real name “Jack Bunney”, and he was voted Britain’s Most Gorgeous Man in 1950. We hate to think what happened to him in the hotel room afterwards.

It’s kind of creepy when the old man ruffles his hand through the contestants’ hair, but kind of sexy when he inspects their teeth like a greyhound trainer. Also, men had such nice skin before they days of Chicken Cottage and dirt-packed ready meals.

If you check out the British Pathe channel on YouTube there are some other great gay interest reels on their too, such as “GI Christine”, the world’s first acknowledged male-female transsexual, and the first transgender person to use hormone therapy.

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