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Superhero workouts

We're breaking out a sweat just watching.

Sky Movies have produced a series of Superhero workouts to promote their Comic Book Heroes season and kindly sent us over some work out routines. We want to look like Wolverine (wearing the Wonder Woman outfit) so here's their handy guide, written in gym code.


Work on those strong quads by dominating twelve weighted step-ups so you can pounce on any evil villains lurking nearby.

Stand facing a raised platform while holding two barbell directly below your shoulders and keeping your torso upright
Place one foot onto the platform. Stand-up by extending hip and knee of the raised leg, placing both feet onto the platform. Step back down with the second leg, returning to the original stating position by returning both feet to the floor. Ensure your bend the leg on descent to reduce the shock of landing on the floor.
Repeat the exercise but alternate the leading leg between repetitions.

We need to go back to our gym manual. Alternatively, how about a lovely video?

It's almost erotic until the 1.12 mark. And it makes us feel really quite butch. Though if you really want to know what Team GT look like dancing to this Black Lace track, look no further than:


The Comic Book Heroes Season is on Sky Movies HD from Monday, 22 –28 August.

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