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Lady Gaga's new video for...

Youmlaut And I.

Firstly, what is going on - we're still waiting for Marina and the Diamonds alleged pop banger to go online and it's late, and now this Gaga track crops up early. None of this would have happened if they'd produced labourious teasers videos like One Direction.

Bit of a conundrum for Gaga, when you've made your name on being kooky and out-there, how much further can you push things? She's thrown in everything including the mermaid-filled kitchen sink. But it's a bit like wearing all your best clothes at once - looses the impact somewhat. Still, it does have an overblown (which is basically short hand for Gaga-esque) appeal.

Shame the song's shit. Or rather, it's a shame the song is not Schei├če.

You And I.

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