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Thundacub @ Bear Trap

Geek-pop thrills, not just for bears.

So the evening started with Happy Hour upstairs at Profile, which with its yellow dinner seats and shiny black tiles has the air of a swanky Happy Days set. But, as the poster pointed out, the bears are downstairs.

A relatively new night on London's soho scene, Bear Trap (or "Bear Hunt" as one of the hosts freudian slipped it) is held in the dark depths of Lo-Profile. It's always a tricky one getting people out on a Monday night, and the place wasn't exactly heaving. Some of the GT boys had popped along to see new pop act Thundacub, having missed his weekend slot at Brighton Pride.

His routine is a super cute mix of straight up eletro pop, with some geeky computer game samples and bleeps thrown in for good measure. We were weirdly reminded of the gayer (!) moments of Ricky Martin's Hammersmith Appollo gig, if Ricky had been stripped of all his budget and backing band.

Here's some of his songs, most of which you can download:

Thundacub SETLIST by thundacub

Thundacub pulled out all the stops to reign in the crowd, but even a souped up electro pop cover of Sweet Dreams didn't grab the £2.50 beer swilling bear crowd. We think he's yet to find his audience and should start playing some serious live pop nights, like Electroqueer. But we're keeping an eye on him all the same...

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