Dylan Jones

An electronic remix, gays, and lots of pouting

Don't worry, it's more original than it sounds. Maybe.

We love remixes of things, almost as much as we love sexual tension with appealing strangers on the tube, those little sushi seaweed triangles you can get at supermarkets, and Nicola Roberts' hair flips (there's a new rule at GT, someone has to make a Nicola Roberts reference once every five minutes, or at the very least pout and flick their fringe). There's a lot of pouting and fringe flicking in this video actually, Nicola would probably give a knowing (but nonchalant) nod of approval.

Steve Forest has remixed that cocktail lounge-y, electronic-y, I-wear-tailored-jeans-and-gyrate-while-smoking-Vogues-y "Flawless" track from a while ago, by self importantly named band The Ones. And they re-did the video especially. We showed it to our dad and he laughed indulgently and, cryptically, said it reminded him of when he was younger.

Here's another one they did a while back. Colton Ford, Jake Shears, and Cazwell all make sulky sultry appearances. Frankly we're surprised that upon development the film reel didn't combust, Tottenham-carpet-shop-style, in an explosion of Aussie Bum underwear and amyl nitrate gas.

You can buy the original song on old fashioned CD single for ONE ENGLISH PENNY.

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