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Glee 3D Gala Screening.

GT goes on a school outing.

A bunch of us headed down to Leicester Square last night for the gala screening of Glee Live in 3D, hence the feeling of being on a school trip. Being greeted by cheerleaders on entry did nothing to dispel our gleeful descent into high school geekery, and we loved it.

We successfully celeb-stalked Big Brother 7 tantrum-throwing star Nikki Grahame, who left halfway through because her feet hurt. Bless her little tootsies. She’s absolutely tiny in real life as well. Other celebrities included X Factor’s Bel Ami as well as up coming band 6D.

We’re not afraid of a karaoke machine, so throw Glee into the mix and we formed our very own impromtu (shockingly bad) GT boyband. The clever event organisers knew exactly how to float our boat with Karaoke Revolution Glee for the Wii. With copious complimentary beer and wine lining the bar, it didn’t take long for a cheeky rendition of Like A Virgin to be whipped out. Belting out Christina Aguilera’s Beautiful was both the ideal warm-up to the movie and the perfect excuse to work on the Mercedes strut.

The film itself is a montage of clips from the live concerts, mixed in with backstage interviews with the cast, as well as clips and back-stories of some of the fans. Highlights included Brittany singing I’m A Slave For You (it’s true her breasts do look good in 3-D) as well as Mercedes version of Aretha Franklin’s Aint No Way. That girl can sing! Here's a clip for you - just imagine it packed out with a few more songs and some of those stories of real life gleeks (spoiler: in the whole film the little kid in a blazer dancing is AMAZING).

Sue pops up there saying you should save your money. Well, if you like the acerbic wit of Ms Sylvester, then you probably should take her advice - she doesn't make any appearance, and her bitter bile is sorely lacking. Having said that, it's Glee. It has never tried to be an avant-garde work of existential brilliance (though you could, at a push, make that argument) so embrace the cheesy feel good greatness.

And of course there is one person we can't keep our eyes off. Seriously, he is SO CHARMING.

MARRY US NOW. All of us.

CD is out, film comes out mid september.

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