Harry Clayton-Wright

In Bed with Margaret Cho

Talking about gay riots, gay rights, 30 Rock, Kathy Griffin and all that stuff going on in Edinburgh

Margaret Cho is a comedian, actress, author and Grammy nominated recording artist. She's currently in Edinburgh with her show, Cho Dependent, which we saw the other night and absolutely loved. We caught up with Margaret for a chat. IN HER BED. We spoke about everything from impressions of her mother, Dancing With The Stars (she was a contestant in the US show), duetting with Cyndi Lauper, YouTube, her appearances on 30 Rock and Sex and the City and October dates of her show in the UK. It was amazing.

And here's the obligatory links to buy Cho Dependent tickets for her August shows in Edinburgh and following tour in October.

Edinburgh Fringe - BUY TICKETS


Brighton - BUY TICKETS


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