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Actually, even better, it's Marina.

GT favourite Marina Lambrini Diamandis (best name ever?) is back back BACK.

Kind of. It's not a full blown comeback campaign just yet - if her obsession with America's persisting might we suggest a video filmed at Disney World? - and what with all of the out-of-work Triga actors hogging the world media's attention, we were concerned this little piece of good news might have passed you by. Let it remedy your disillusionment with the world like the sugary spoonful of pop medicine that it is.

Except that's not quite what this is. Marina's on a downer too, see. The new track's haunting, sedate and searingly adult - no animal noises, no stream-of-consciousness lyrics, nothing that would warrant the use of an exclamation mark in the song title...and still we absolutely love it. It's the same soul searching stuff we were all enamored with last year, but this time it's just sadder. In fact, this is so emotive (and she is hacking off her hair in the video...albeit the end result looks inevitably chic, so, not quite a Britney, but still) we're kind of worried about the girl.

Just listen.

To download last year's The Family Jewels click here.

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