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Talay Riley: Make You Mine Launch

We are all yours, Talay...

When we heard that R&B/Hip Hop singer Talay Riley was performing his knew single Make You Mine in Notting Hill, images of the topless god in the video for Humanoid popped straight into mind. Erm, yes please!

So the venue was YoYo Bar – a kinky mix of grimy mechanic's workshop with furnishings from Grandma's house. The clientele were young and ready to crack out the floor-shaking moves like a Step Up movie. Perhaps not the best place to gently sip a glass of Sauvignon Blanc by the bar. There’s something of a throwback to adolescence when beer is served to you in the can (we kid you not).

Back to Talay the torso. After a promising, young warm-up act, Ladi6, Talay emerged humbly to talk to those of us clawing at the stage. And, of course, he was more than happy to talk to his gushing Gay Times fans. Now, R&B might not have the best reputation for gay-friendly stars but this one is a proper charmer. When we asked what his message was for his gay fans, Riley said: “I think it's great to come out and not let the world dictate who you are. I have lots of gay friends and I think it's great to have gay fans on your side.”

Believe me Talay; we are on your side (yes, his left hand did touch my back). Performing a string of gentle, love songs and acoustic flairs with his more upbeat material provided the perfect insight into his capabilities and exquisite talent. While Make You Mine might have a palpable similarity to the sounds of Taio Cruz or even Bruno Mars, there is no denying that Talay can carry a tune- whilst looking smoking hot in a fitted blazer – burn me up, boy.

Talay Riley’s new single Make You Mine is on iTunes with his other stuff.

Words: Jamie Fisher

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