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We know you want your GTDate profile to be as good as can be and we do too

When you start working on it, though, don’t expect it to be instantly perfect -- most profiles are a work in progress. But before we go into the details of the profile, which you can edit and reedit as much as you want, it’s important to spare a few words for the personality compatibility test.

As you may know, you can’t keep retaking the test on GTDate. The point is to not have people taking and retaking it till it says what they want (i.e. that they are perfect in every way). So you want to make sure your test represents you in an accurate way if you want to get sent really compatible matches. Usually, that means picking the answer that feels right without thinking too much about the question. Other times, though, it means being honest with yourself about who you are and what you’re like, rather than picking the answers that would paint a very idealised picture of you. So think, but don’t overthink, that’s what it’s all about.

But enough about that – onwards and upwards to the profile itself! We know most people hate writing about themselves but we all love reading about other people. On GTDate, it’s actually easier to write about yourself because everything is split into little boxes. There are also some interesting leading questions that are a bit more than your usual dating profile fillings. We know it’s tempting to just write a few words or a list in each, but think about how much more interesting it would be for your potential partners if they got to see a bit more of your character and style. Things can get a bit samey otherwise. It may also be tempting to skip a few of the boxes, especially if you’ve just come out of the personality test and are feeling a bit exhausted, but take a look at what your profile looks like when you’ve skipped and skimped. Those “nothing entered” sections are a poor substitute for scintillating informative wit. You can quick-fill them with some place holder things to begin with, so that it’s not all empty and then slowly work your way through them, making everything a little bit more interesting.

Another thing to note is that GTDate uses your profession as your title when showing you as a recommended partner to others, so we suggest you choose something that refers to you, rather than just list the industry you’re in. “Finance”, for example, can look a bit odd as a title.

If you’re used to other dating site where you just get a massive personal statement area to do with as you please, then you may find it odd to squeeze yourself into the little “what my partner should know about me” space GTDate has for writing in your own words. Luckily, so many other things are already covered in handy bite sized chunks and tick boxes. Use this space to write about what’s not covered anywhere else, maybe even something funny or a little bit quirky that would get your partners’ attention, as this is an island of personalised text on a page of short info.

And as for photos? We’re pretty sure you know which pictures make you look good. When in doubt, remember that a smile is worth a thousand photos and a friend with a good eye is worth a thousand words (of advice). The usual things apply, though – choose pictures where you are on your own (don’t cut other people out of a picture, though!) where your face can be seen clearly and you look relaxed and friendly (that’s where the smile comes into it). On GTDate you can upload up to 9 photos, so you can use the space to mix things up and show your different sides. You can also mix ones that show you up close and personal with full body shots, though there really is limited value to those body shots where you’re too far from the camera to be seen clearly. It’s good to show your partners what you look like normally in everyday situations, as well as those photos that make you look like a one-off style god. Showing off range works very well for actors, so there’s no reason why it shouldn’t work for you.

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