Harry Clayton-Wright

It's time to lose our Edinburgh Fringe virginity.

Metaphorical candles are lit and we are ready for the taking. Be gentleā€¦

Every year thousands of people flock to Edinburgh for the Fringe and this year, we're one of them. That's right, over the next four weeks we'll be blogging about the very best, the mediocre and down right heinousness the festival has to offer. You're going to experience it without even having to peal your eyes away from the screen. How's that sound? Good, yeah? We're here to see it all. Take in everything. Push it all in. Balls deep. We're going to do this and we're going to do it hard.

(Carrie Bradshaw Mode: ACTIVATED)

Having never been to Scotland before, it was a major relief to find that Edinburgh isn't full of Irn Bru drinking crack addicts who are eating their own weight in deep fried mars bars, though I have yet to see the whole city I might add. Instead it's home to the comedy, cabaret and theatrical elite (and so many melodramatic drama students on the Royal Mile) for the month of August. This is a giant operation. So much to see and do. There's millions says Geoffrey all under one roof. You get the picture. To paint even more of this vivid picture that we're harping on about, you'll find us staying in some student accommodation and it's quite nice too. There's even a little sofa in the room. Oh yeah, we don't do things by halves.

After arriving, collecting our pre-booked tickets and having a look around we decided on the first show to see and break us in. Scott Capurro's Position at the Gilded Balloon was the one to pop our cherry and it was exactly what we needed to get us into the swing of things. David Mills' amazing vibrato sang Scott Capurro onto the stage with a rendition of Almost Like Being In Love and they got straight to it. Their instant connection, comedic synchronicity and the banter that ensued was brilliant. Bouncing off and ripping into each other, it was great to watch them be so playfully shocking while both so natural and effortless. There was a really nice relaxed air to proceedings. Scott Capurro isn't afraid to go there and that's what was so great to watch when he and David interviewed Ava Vidal and La Gateau Chocolat, venturing down topical roads your milder-mannered comedians would be very afraid to travel upon. La Gateau Chocolat performed three numbers: a Susan Boyle homage, a snippet from Candide which turned into a duet with Scott and a Shirley Bassey classic. It was beyond fantastic. It was our first time watching LGC and it was a performance that lived up to everything and more. WE LOVE US SOME CRAZY ASS VIBRATO. We'll be sure to check out La Gateau Chocolat's show later in the festival for some more amazing costume action. Scott Capurro's Position will be having loads of guests throughout the run, so each day will be a brand new show with new brand new material.

The second show we saw that day was Thom Tuck Goes Straight to DVD. Thom Tuck, who makes sure to clarify that he isn't fairytale character or invasive surgery, is watching every single straight-to-DVD Disney movie and his findings are presented in this hour of comedy, discussion and poignancy. He drinks, sweats and endearingly bumbles, but his impressions of Disney characters really had us laughing. They're bloody good. It's a funny show about one of our favourite topics. Who doesn't enjoy an hour of talking about Disney films? Exactly.

The final show of our first day was from the darlings of the Edinburgh Fringe, Frisky & Mannish (pictured): Pop Centre Plus. They're an act as tight as the skinny jeans that Mannish dons. They dance, performing original choreography, they sing and are entertaining from start to finish. The show's premise is set around Frisky and Mannish giving pop music related careers advice and they leave no pop stone unturned. From Madonna to Cheryl Cole, our favourite Rihanna song (Rude Boy) performed in the style of the Bee Gees, deconstructing the ridiculousness of Katy Perry's lyrics, to a grime version of a Carpenters song, it's a slick hour of musical comedy with some impressive vocals from Frisky. Girl can belt. *snaps* We do consider ourselves connoisseurs of pop music and so this show was a real treat.

But holy shit. There's still so many shows to see and so much to do. We better get to it. If you want to get in contact to make sure that we don't miss something great,
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