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Secret Cinema goes to California

Via some seriously intense homoeroticism

So, it’s quickly becoming the norm that Hollywood’s summer blockbusters insist on attacking our retinas with eye screwing 3D. But if you fancy a more novel way of movies adding an extra dimension of interest, why not check out Future Cinema’s California Classics. They’ll be screening at a secret location on the banks of the Thames, which is being transformed into a Californian wonderland of surf, sand and cinema. And that’s not where the points of interest stop. The line up consists of two of the 80s most homoerotic classics, Top Gun and The Lost Boys. Guests are encouraged to dress as their favourite character from the films, so while we’re dusting off our white pilot outfits (who are we kidding, they don’t get the opportunity to collect dust) we’re hoping to see some more daring hot boys attending in the locker room scene white towel getup.

(“Your dick my ass” must make an entry in the gayest film quotes of all time)

Not forgetting the equally gay undertones of The Lost Boys from director Joel Schumacher, the man responsible for putting Robin back in the Batman franchise, under George Clooney’s Batman (hold that thought). Corrie Haim, neck sucking, need we say anymore?

And if you need any more convincing that Top Gun is a complete gay fest…

The Lost Boys shows 3 September, Top Gun shows 4 September. Info and tickets at

Words: Samuel Normington

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