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Hold on a minute...

a Monday mid-afternoon flashback

So we’ve all seen Bridesmaids by now…yes? If you haven’t then it’s time to drop the macho façade; stop pretending you don’t like umbrellas in your cocktail and have a word with your internalised homophobia. Ever since the film that gave us diarrhoea in a wedding dress, Carnie and Wendy Wilson and friend Chynna Phillips have received a 2011 revival.

Hold On is a song that, let’s face it, we had all forgotten about until the uplifting finale of the latest chick-flick. According to Billboard, the song’s download sales in the US rose by 620% after Bridesmaids was released. It harks back to the days of ice rink discos on a Friday night and watching Baywatch on Saturdays because Dad felt it was ‘family viewing’. This is a true classic for anyone who has sat in their bedroom crying to the words over that guy who was tall, dark and handsome and broke your heart for the first time. For our younger readers who can’t remember: just put on your power-hungry pout, shimmy those shoulders into action and grab whatever utensil can serve as a microphone…

Hold On.

Words: Jamie Fisher

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