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An excuse to show a picture of Sonia dressed as a fairy with some ponies*.

It’s Pride season. We know this because every other email** is either telling us Pride is happening/cancelled/being argued about somewhere or other right now in Britain.

So we can’t write about every Pride event that’s going on – thankfully these days things like Twitter and Facebook (and oooh, Google) are there to fill that particular gap.

However, one of the photos we have in the GT LOLZ Bank™ for those dark and gloomy days (not that we really seem to have those much now at Gay Towers) is the one you see above, of cheeky scouse popstrel Sonia.

And she’s performing at Brighton and Hove Pride in Preston Park on 13 August.

Actually, although we do love Sonia – look at this, what’s not to love:

….we’re also very excited that X Factor and Popstar to Operastar winner Joe McElderry has just signed up to headline. We love Joe, we loved his album and we loved the fact that his first gay interview was with Gay Times. Ambitions = still amazing:

As if that’s not enough, Booty Luv are going to be there:

Also still amazing.

Why are we telling you this? Because the fact Joe was added late to the bill of another Pride (we forget which one, like we said, so many emails…) meant that it was SO busy that people were turned away. Soooo… now’s the time to pick up your tickets for Brighton and Hove Pride. This year it’s a ticketed event, with the money going to *peers over glasses at press release* supporting the LGBT community in Brighton and Hove. So really, the cost of a couple of drinks and you’re helping yourself.

BUT, if you order your tickets beforehand you save £5 and it only costs you £12.50 – if you wait until the day it’ll cost you £17.50 (and you’ll probably have to queue, and you know how you hate that).

You can visit the official website or call 0844 888 9991.

Right, that probably covers everything. Back to flicking through the Freemans catalogue for us. As you were.

* Sonia will probably not be dressed as a fairy, or have ponies, at Brighton Pride
** That’s sarcasm, every other email is not really about Pride, some are about Taylor Dayne. Other Prides are available.

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