Dylan Jones

Korean girlband 2NE1

We think K-pop is a bit of an untapped resource. Like the oil in Iceland. Or Zac Efron.

Anyway we're into it just enough to appreciate boys with long spiky hair, but not quite enough to buy models of cartoon characters and keep them in their original boxes.

Girl group 2NE1 are what Nicola Roberts would probably call "gnarly" or "safe". We lke to think 2NE1 stands for something very slick and first world, like the numberplate of the chrome car they use for urban drag racing or something (for some reason whenever we see or hear the words drag racing though we always imagine John Prescott and Alan Carr running down Tottenham Court Road in maxi dresses and heels).

In their new single, the modestly titled I Am The Best, the only words uttered in English are "oh my god" and "bitch" which is always a promising start. There's lots of metal and stomping synth and heels and finger snapping in the video and no they're NOT copying Gaga for fuck's sake. Oh and there's a poodle in there somewhere too.

Very pricey import of 2NE1's old eponymous album.

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