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Jamie: Drag Queen at 16

Not a drag, just a beautiful, beautiful queen

An ex-mining village in County Durham is probably not the best setting to whip out your Liza poster or collection of Girls Aloud dolls as a 16-year-old male. So how brave do you have to be to do your own choreographed drag routine there at 16? Words cannot describe. From the start, one would be justified to call Jamie naïve. He seemed so excited for the intricacies of his ‘coming-out’ as a drag queen that he hadn’t truly considered the reactions of the more conservative members of his community. Facing the possibility of being excluded from his prom if he went in drag, there was a tortuous period of anticipation as it became unclear whether this young man could spread his sequined wings and fly. Nevertheless, the heart-warming support of the women in his life: his mum, his nan, his best friend and his mum’s best friend, made the programme an emotional pleasure to watch. Not once was Jamie left alone to feel outcast or abnormal; he was embraced by those who loved him and could ultimately realize his dream and unleash the fabulous diva that is Fifi LaTrue.

Jamie Campbell is proof that dreaming big and being as true to others as you are to yourself is enough to get you anywhere. As his friends and their parents refused to enter the prom without him and overturned the teachers’ ruling, finally we saw the documented proof that attitudes are changing in every corner of the UK. Seeing Jamie click his heels along the pavements of his neighbourhood in his glamour-puss dress and blonde wig in the final sequence surpassed most Hollywood happy endings. This boy is already a star: truly beautiful on the outside as well as on the inside.

Words: Jamie Fisher

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