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The Good Natured

Live at Gold Dust, Hoxton

After drying out and re-hydrating we popped into to see hotly tipped new band The Good Natured at Hoxton Bar and Grill, and see what all the fuss is about.

Featuring a fit drummer (there is a disproportionally high number of attractive drummers, no?), a Patrick Wolf-esque guitarist and a lead singer with big hair that reminded us a little bit of a character from The Simpsons, they've licked the young and cute market to a stump. The female lead singer had a kind of posh-cockney hybrid, half bored, half angsty, like a strange mix of Poly Styrene, Justine Frischman and err, Ellie Goulding. With a bit more confidence, we can imagine she'll become quite the front woman, but when you can't make eye contact with someone and they're wandering around the crowd, it felt weirdly awkward and at odds with their bouncy tunes.

Because they've got some solid pop songs, which are nowhere near as goth or emo as they/everyone else seems to be making out. Like their set closing highlight, Skeleton:

Oh, and they have a really cool rave-effect-harp. Which looked like a misplaced light fixture, until we realised what the white gloves were for.

Skeleton Ep on iTunes.

[p.s. re: the terrible photo - our cameras was wet.]

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