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Scissor Sisters at Sandown

You can always bet on Jake and Ana Matronic…

What is it with us and being rained on at gigs? First it was the torrential downpour at Take That, and then, last night, we were soaked watching Scissor Sisters at Sandown (try getting your tongue around that after a cheeky vino). Incidentally, several tongues were wagging at the outrageously sexy Jake Shears, Ana Matronic and co. You've got to hand it to these guys: they never disappoint.

It had been a bit of a wash-out raceday thanks not only to the rain but also the fatal mistake of picking the horses with the dirtiest names. However, our shattered dreams and decimated wallets became a distant memory as soon as Jake stepped out in his X-men style bodysuit. It's funny how even in deepest, quaintest Surrey, the chants of 'take it all off!' were practically immediate. Ana looked equally bootylicious as she delivered some much-needed innuendoes and one-liners to the crowd. For a band of such long-standing and stature, it is remarkable how simple they keep the performance. There is no need for elaborate stage pieces or dance routines when the band are such a crowd-pleaser. That said, the pyrotechnics used only in 'Fire with Fire' were perhaps a bit unnecessary. They would have served better in keeping the crowd of drowned rats warm or perhaps to fend off/mildly singe the over-enthusiastic woman who kept barging into me and my vodka lemonade (most of it ended up on her dress- funny how that happens).

Best bit of all? Jake finally succumbed to the crowd and got his exquisite torso out on show. After an evening of disappointing racehorses, it was so refreshing to ogle a true stallion.

The sisters play Splendour festival in Nottingham on Sunday

Words: Jamie Fisher

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