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Dave Depper - The Ram Project

Paul McCartney’s second album, Ram, was initially met with much criticism and it is only in recent years that the artist’s work has come to be appreciated. Much like the sob story we tell our friends about our coming of age transition from boy to man. Hoping for a similar revival, Dave Depper released The Ram Project in May, where he hoped to escape from his self-described ‘rut’ by recreating the iconic album by himself at home. Giving himself just 30 days to undertake such a task really puts the album into context, and the concept itself would better suit a video documentary rather than an album.

The rawness of the tracks compared with McCartney’s original no doubt deserves an explanation and Depper is doing himself a disservice by releasing the project in this way. Nevertheless, what has been put together is an interesting homage to the 40-year-old album, and Depper must be given credit for his unique attempt, especially with the likeness of the guitar solos and sound effects. But a good attempt doesn’t necessarily mean it’s very good.

Too Many People, the opening track, sounds pretty much identical to McCartney’s and you begin to question whether the album of ’71 has simply been re-released. This is however until you hear Depper’s empty vocals, which lack the purity and strength of the former Beatle and every track on the album repeats this same format.

We’ve had our fair share of karaoke albums, many of them homemade, however it is unclear why Depper would attempt such a like-for-like cover of the album himself. A more modern take on the 12 tracks would better lend itself to 21st-century audiences (basically, just do a one-man Glee). Every gay man has taken the time out to create glitter-soaked reproductions of Kylie’s iconic albums, but you don’t expect people to pay to come and watch (cut to us sobbing alone in our gardens). If people wanted to hear this album the way it was meant to be produced then why wouldn’t we just listen to the original? This is the main flaw with what Depper has produced, and it is the journey that the album has taken rather than its content that is the most appealing aspect.

Too Many People by cityslang

Dave Depper's Ram Project album on Amazon.

Words: Paul Middleton

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