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Sitges Gay Pride

With Pride happening all over the country at the moment...

...we popped over the pond and visited the annual Sitges Gay Pride to see how the Spanish do it! And for a town which has been called the gay capital of Europe and has a huge gay population all year round it's surprising this year was only their second Pride.

After what was apparently a bumpy start last year - according to our bitchy sources - this year went without a glitch. (Unless you include super tranny star Dana International's audio issues, but then when doesn't she have those?)

However, the highlight for us was the incredible Madonnalicious, a completely live two hour show from the world’s best Madonna impersonator, Melissa Totten. She looked, she spoke, she sang, she danced and she moved exactly like the real thing!

Themed nights throughout the five day celebration kept the party alive til the early hours of the morning – from a White Party, to Bear Pride, to a Decadanse nightclub, there was something for everyone!

The massive parade included floats and acts from all the local bars and clubs which were camper and more flamboyant than Kylie, performing at Disneyworld, at Christmas... in sequins! And hot (practically naked) men everywhere – on the floats and in the crowd!

Special shout outs to the amazing performances from Madonnalicious, Michael Jackson performer Robert Parsons, Dana International, the George Michael Experience by Rob Lamberti and of course the constant entertainment from Lady Diamond, our very own Gabbi and Miss Ruby.

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