GTea Break

Party like it's 1999

Or like, 2000, 2001-ish

Remember when mash ups were an exciting new musical genre? We do, we spent a few hours down the pub talking about it last night.

Fridays are traditionally the day when we like to share something that we blatantly pinched off someone else's facebook. This friday is no exception, and we're loving this mash up:

It's a bit more than a mash up, as it takes so many songs and completely restructures them into something totally new, like a pop smoothie, or a pop quiz to see how many songs you can name. (We got to 12 before cheating and looking at the list in the youtube description). You get a bonus point if you can name the dragqueen/pintsizedpopsingerTM we've screen grabbed above.

Now someone go make a video.

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