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GT Reviews.... Azari & III

and their imaginatively titled album, Azari & III.

Retro is a dangerous word to throw around, with all its implications of unoriginality and laziness, that a band simply regurgitates the sounds that inspired them. However it is nearly impossible not to levy it at Azari & III, even if the implications don’t ring true. Chicago house is the starting point, but the band manage to update the sound, with the latest electro production techniques and a keen eye for the hipster dancefloor, where the dancemoves don’t break out into a sweat. Partly because that’s just not cool, but mostly as the tempo never breaks into a speed quick enough for a Firestarter impression. It’s slightly disorientating listening to dance music that almost defies the ability to dance to it, and reminds us of being a bit sober, surrounded by totally monged out people in grubby venues hidden in the less salubrious parts of town.
True to the genre they’re playing tribute to, the lyrics are a little queer without being all “you’re gay! hurrah! It’s okay!”, with songs like Manhooker and Reckless (With Your Love) ambiguous enough to claim as our own, while remaining suitable for the aforemention clubs or behind the tills at Topshop.

EXCLUSIVE ONLINE BONUS REVIEW SENTENCE: We like the record cover, it looks like a handjob.

Oh and we interviewed the band, what with them playing Lovebox on Sunday and everything.

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