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Hold on to your autotune: super gay pop song ahoy

WTF? - Matt Zarley's new single

Matt Zarley reminds us a bit of our Armenian plumber, and that hairy ursine man who pours milk all over himself in the new Britney video. His single's called WTF. Now we've seen this aberrent abbreviation before* but we're still not sure what it stands for. Wenches Tending Frogs? The music video would have a lot of potential if that were the case (Helena Bonham Carter in a tattered ballgown in an 1800's London alley, feeding cockles to a giant bullfrog in a golden birdcage, while rocking softly and singing I Will Survive. In a Cockney accent).

As it is, it must stand for something else, because it's just a lot of hairy men doing homoerotic things like playing American football and spraying each other with hoses.

Our favourite bit is at the beginning, when an explicit content warning sign is displayed. In rainbow colours. There's even a Babes Go Wild-style pillowfight, complete with skimpy American Apparel briefs. We have those actually. In "Baby Blue".

Amazingly, there are 15 remixes of this song. (Wideboys, as ever, do it best).

*it was a feature in the mag a while back... - "Online Ed".

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