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New Song featuring The Girl From Alphabeat

(She has a name: Stine Bramsen*)

And it sounds like a boyless Alphabeat covering a Keane song, remixed for the club charts.

It's big in Denmark and has been written about far more cleverly over on Scandipop.

There is one thing we love about this video, and one we just can't work out. We LOVE how there has been no attempt to incorporate Stine into the whole thing, so it actually looks like she was moonlighting and shot her bit of the video on an Alphabeat set when the other boys weren't looking. And we do not understand why that man took it on himself to run all over town (and into other women) on a mission to return a USED HANKY. She dropped it on the floor, the filthy cow.

We tried to get a flattering screengrab of Stine, but she does look like she's passing a heavy stool throughout the whole thing. We tried.

* This song has given us a proper flash back to a few years ago when we practically stalked her and even sent her a ring in the post with a copy of our interview. Good Times.

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