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Cute Canadian hipsters, lots of viscous paint and French electro-punk is the most miraculous mélange we can think of.

Except maybe if Michelle Obama and Jodie Harsh did a duet, but that probably won't happen.

Although we just read that Sarah Palin was nice to a lesbian at a party in the 80's once, so maybe anything's possible. J'ai Tué Ma Mère (I Killed My Mother) is directed by the be-checked shirted, be-spectacled gay Quebecian Xavier Dolan and appears to be one of those refreshing gay films that isn't actually that gay, mainly focusing on the fop-haired protagonist's tumultuous relationship with his mother. It won three awards at Cannes and its director refers to it not at all pretentiously as an "exposé" rather than a film.

Anyway as you can tell from this extract it's all very arty. There are lots of close-ups of tape recorders, and slow motion shots of people throwing soft furnishings around. We expect its main British fanbase is people in their twenties from Wiltshire, called things like Mimi and Rufus, who hair-tossingly recount anecdotes about how they took too much acid at Glastonbury and thought their hands were melting.

Words: Dylan Jones

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