Dylan Jones

Turn Me Over by Amanda Lepore

She's got a new single, it's filth, obviously.

Amanda Lepore is what would happen if a mad gay scientist (probably called Aleksandr or Petra or something) used his spotlessly chromified Harley Street lab to create a pouting, strutting, breast-wielding feat of generic engineering out of the best bits of Marilyn Monroe, Samantha Jones and Brent Corrigan.

Her new single is called Turn Me Over. Any song called Turn Me Over has to have some sort of entertainment value, if not *ahem* deeper meaning. The video's a little bit like if Chi Chi LaRue produced The Blair Witch Project, with deliciously seedy amateurish camcorder sessions of Amanda and her hunk hareem writhing around on beds and in motel corridors. Having said that though, there's a hint of class to the proceedings - pearl necklaces (stop it) and fur shrugs abound, and while at one point she seems to lose her bra, she always remains coy enough to hold on to those high heels. So that's good.

It's 79p if you want a copy

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