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The Hidden Cameras. Again.

New video (for a not so new song), a Pet Shop Boys remix and a bit of art and crafts.

Yes, them again.

They've THREE exciting NEW things happening. If they didn't do so much we wouldn't have anything to write about and then you'd hear nothing of them. But as it is....


Video, bit of semi-nudity, lots of fun.


Some craftiness in London. Lead singer Joel Gibb is putting up some of his artworks (opening tonight! 8 July) at The Residence Gallery, 229 Victoria Park Road, London E9 7HD.


A remix by The Pet Shop Boys of their song Colour Of A Man.

The Hidden Cameras 'Colour Of A Man' (Pet Shop Boys Organic Mix) by The Hidden Cameras

And no we can't understand a word either, but it's lovely even if it makes us want a bit of sun, a pretentious leather seat and a cocktail in our hand ...

Original versions of them songs up there are over here.

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