Jamie Tabberer

Glastonbury 2011: Part Two

"...I got ur slippers, ur dinner, ur dessert and so much more..."


We weren't going to allow ourselves to obsess any further about Bouncy on these here pages but then we realised we HAD to share with you the gleeful expression on her face in this picture. Also we wanted to highlight the hilarity of the original independent woman singing on Destiny's Child's 2005 hit Cater 2U the dubious lyric "I got ur slippers, ur dinner, ur dessert and so much more..." We wonder if the nation would be as crazed and in love with the Texas girl if she'd included that little gem in her DC megamix? Like we said, she's amazing but far from perfect.


She was good wasn't she? We didn't think she'd be big enough to pack out the Other Stage but she did and with bells on. Plus there was definitely something endearing about her hobbling on stage on crutches; she looked in a lot of pain but that might just have been the make up.

All in all, a very good effort, and it's got us revisiting an album we thought we were done with for the year: download Nobody's Perfect here.

Although we're not sure what the hell was going on when she sang Price Tag with that little girl. That smacks more of a publicity stunt than Cheryl stepping out with new fake hair to buy a coffee. You pick a random seven-year-old from the crowd and she just so happens to be super cute AND able to hold a tune AND not be terrified at the prospect of singing in front of umpteen thousand people?

What are the odds? And she knew allll the words (admittedly "Everybody look to their left, everybody look to their right" isn't exactly complex). But regardless of whether or not it was orchestrated it was an undeniably effective move, and practically did the journos' jobs for them the next day. ("PRICELESS!" was the most predictable headline we saw)


His fantastic new album's just dropped and to celebrate Patrick hotfooted it up and down the motor-way (GT can exclusively reveal that on his way home he bumped into Jessie J in Burger King. Now that's journalism) for a blistering set. He jumped into the crowd and got mauled by many overeager young men as per - surely we've all got the memo that Pat's off the market now? And as per we left feeling guilty for paying more attention to his cute outfit and pert backside than his lovely harp playing or powerhouse vocals. But what of it.

Download Lupercalia here, and download our song of the summer The City here.

Glastonbury, it was fun. See you in a couple of years.

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