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There she goes, Lisa Mannooli!

Liza’s live gig makes us actually lose the plot.

There are moments you think you’ll never experience in life. Seeing Liza Minnelli perform Liza With a Z live was one of those for me.

So when her onstage banter at the Royal Albert Hall last night began to head into territory where it looked like she might sing it… Well, I’m not one to usually be so crass but I actually lost my shit.

Yes, Liza’s well and truly back (again) and out on the road (briefly, anyway) for her Confessions tour – although there’s no riding helmets or similar here.

While Confessions ties in at parts with her latest album of the same name, it’s mainly the hits and American songbook classics. And that meant standing ovation after standing ovation after standing ovation. For pretty much every song.
Starting off a little shakily she soon hit her stride, most notably with a jaw-dropping version of What Makes A Man A Man, where there are undeniably flashes of her mother (if you have to ask you’re reading the wrong review) and then with the aforementioned musical tutorial on how to spell her name, Liza With a Z. Granted she did it somewhat slower than the original version, but she did it.

Then, of course, there were songs from Cabaret – the title track and Maybe This Time – along with a song from her original stint in Chicago, for which she lamented its loss from the movie version (My Own Best Friend).

I soon found myself saying ‘amazing’ out loud repeatedly throughout the show, my hands were sore from applauding and gays were going blatantly crazy and handing her bunches of flowers – I could literally watch this all night.

There was comedy too – knowing nods to ‘too much booze and liquor’ (Cabaret) and killing your husband (Chicago) and explaining that she’s not as quick at getting around a stage as she used to be: “I’ve got two false hips and recently they had to give me a false knee. The top half is Dorothy’s daughter, the bottom half is the Tin Man.”

You know that here at GT we have a penchant for the more mature performing woman and Liza is one of the last true great icons. She’s getting on a bit – who cares? So will you and you’ll not be selling out the Royal Albert Hall.

All too soon it was over, a sea of gay men clambering to touch her, then punching the air when they do, she walks off stage doing the Cabaret ‘toodle-oo’ wave.

So she never did Losing My Mind (someone needs to get her to do an anniversary concert where she sings every song from the incredible Pet Shop Boys produced Results album) but I still got one out of the two songs I never thought I’d see her perform live and yet another incredible gig from Ms Minnell.

I even bought a tea towel.

Liza With a Z original

Liza With a Z last night

And one of the most incredible pop songs ever:

Liza Minnelli - Losing My Mind by Sunshinemusikbox

There are still some tickets available for Liza’s gigs by clicking here like your life depended on it.

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