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We went to see Glee Live at the weekend. It was actually really bloody good.

The best bit though, was probably when our Brittany-obsessed boyfriend screamed with excitement when she took to the stage – as though he didn’t know the cast of Glee were going to be there. Bless.

ANYWAY – because we want to share this with you (Glee Live, not the boyfriend – get your own) we’ve got two pairs of tickets to give away for the performance THIS WEDNESDAY evening at London’s 02.

That’s just the tickets, not travel or anything. We’re not made of cash.

Make sure you’re well positioned to get handed one of Sue’s ‘barf bags’ from the ushers and watch out for flying t-shirts during the Gaga number.

You can enter by tweeting “I WANT THE GLEE LIVE TICKETS” to @gaytimesmag but you can still pick up tickets by clicking on this handy link.

And watch out for Glee Live in 3D coming soon. OH YES. It’s called Glee The 3D Concert Movie, it’s out nationwide on 19 August and is released in London first (at the VUE West End) from 12 August.

EDIT: This competition is now closed.

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