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Shrek - The Musical

“I’m wood, I’m good, GET USED TO IT.”

We know everyone’s talking about Amanda Holden (who does in fact, against all our expectations, have talent) but for us this larger than life re-telling of the popular Dreamworks film is all about Pinocchio.

In fact, the majority of laughs come from the big group numbers where he rallies alongside an enthusiastic ensemble of mis-matched fairy tale heroes, villains and animals, including Red Riding Hood’s wolf; a self-proclaimed hot tranny mess.

They wave their “freak flags” with pride and we completely heart them for inspiring a whole generation of kids to celebrate their differences.

All that aside, Nigel Lindsay, Richard Blackwood and Amanda Holden deliver solid impressions of Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy and Cameon Diaz respectively, but its Nigel Harman’s Lord Farquaad who outshines all three of them without even standing up.

Throw in a few cheeky musical theatre jokes for good measure and all in all you’ve got a pretty nice, feel-good production.

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Words: Stu Hurford

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