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The Feeling: Together We Were Made

It's an album review. We could've been nicer...

We really wanted to like this album, but if you’re a fan of the band, there’s nothing to see here. Move along.
The opening shot and lead single, Set My World On Fire, is pop-epic, and utterly anthemic. As such it sounds like a charity single. There are two fundamental problems we have with The Feeling, and in particular this record. The first is a general gripe about almost all their songs, and it’s that they’re almost exclusively mid-tempo. Sometimes that works brilliantly, as with Leave Me Out Of It (hello Sophie Ellis-Bextor!) but most of the time it just leaves you waiting for things to get going. Then the song is over.
The second problem, and we’re glaring at tracks like Searched Every Corner specifically here, is that it pinches sounds and keyboard riffs from our modern day pop vocabulary (generally the tacky europop end that Gaga has so successfully retooled) and slows it right down. There are minor diversions into soft rock, and piano driven romps reminiscent of Suggs, but it COULD be totally balls out pop – but there’s always this lingering hangover of indie band. We would have loved Dan Gillespie Sells vocals in the late nineties, and stuck his poster right next to our My Life Story one. In 2011 though, they muster all the innovation of The Kaiser Chiefs, which is only fine if you missed Britpop the first time round and like that kind of thing.


If you do like that kind of thing you can, come and get it.

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