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Drag Queens and torsos and stuff

The eloquently named "Bitch"

We like the video for this eloquently named track from queens of house Ralphi Rosario and Wayne G. Tantalisingly tasteless tattoos and astronimical angrodynity abound, and about halfway through everyone is so inundated with eyeshadow that it looks like it's all about to fall apart in great, glistening flakes.

It's interesting how "methodroning" is now apparently a valid verb. Apparently the Oxford English Dictionary was recently revised, wonder if it's in there. We're oddly attracted to the auburn haired, finger biting, beard-adorned transvestite, who, when she does the vocal bridge, calls to mind our old Biology teacher. Beat-wise, it all reminds us a bit of a party we were at, at a crumbling country estate in South Devon, where someone had to go home because a girl in awful sparkly silver stilettos stepped on his hand and fractured a bone. It also reminds us of Useless Man by Minty, but the similarities are obviously deliberate. Right?

There are 9 - NINE! - explicit remixes available to download.

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