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GT Live Review: Ladytron

Earth-shatteringly expensive vodka, new wave synthpop and messy Brazilians

Our entry to see Ladytron at the HMV Forum in the GT Office's very own Kentish Town, North London, went smoothly last week, aside from a brief confrontation with a startlingly rude security guard who probably does things like step on snails on purpose and refuse to give up his seat for pregnant women on the tube. But apparently all it takes to placate an inferiority complex is excruciatingly hypocritical politeness and a tight pair of jeans. Two earth-shatteringly expensive vodka and diet cokes later, we were safely ensconced at the front, trying to dance as if we didn't really care where we were because we'd probably leave early and go to something far cooler later on.

Underground electronic band Ladytron identify their genre as "new wave synthpop". Crisp but drippingly smooth vocals and hypnotic undertones call to mind exclusive Shinjuku cocktail lounges, or slightly illegal Persian soirees, where all that's required for entry is an expensive haircut and an opium pipe. Actually though, they're from, erm, Liverpool. Merseyside.

And they seemed a little too cool for humble old London. It's all very well being aloof. Kate Middleton is aloof. My Serbian cleaner is aloof. During their live set Ladytron were more on a par with, say the Pope. On Valium. At gay pride. In their defence, their kind of music doesn't exactly lend itself to live performance. And there was a very impressive light show with lots of smoke, lasers etc. And there was a stirring performance of Discotraxx, which has no doubt been the soundtrack for numerous annoyingly cool car and mobile phone network adverts. Their vocals were actually very good, they just could have put in a bit more effort, rather than the occasional head tilt, that's all we're saying.

Oddly, the highlight of the proceedings was their support act, the punk/pop/electro Marina Gasolina. A brilliantly messy Brazilian, she staggered out on stage in a pair of Doc Martins, waving around a bottle of something and screaming things that were either in different languages or she'd just decided to make up. She leapt down from the stage and spat "LET'S HAVE SEX" at the audience. She almost fell over. She had a tattoo of a leopard or a dog or something on her calf. She dropped the microphone. Numerous times. We love her.

Best of Ladytron CD. It's pretty good, as is Marina Gasolina's old band Bonde Do Role's album, With Lasers, which is without doubt two quid well spent

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