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Nerina Pallot

2011 is The Year of the Wolf.

Some readers of GT may never have heard of Nerina Pallot before a certain teeny-tiny Australian pop star started up her promo campaign for her latest offering; Aphrodite (I hear Kylie is a favourite among the gays?), for Ms Pallot penned and produced (along with husband Andy Chatterley) not only the title track of the album, but also the single Better Than Today.

Nerina’s latest offering is her fourth album The Year of the Wolf. The title refers to her pregnancy and subsequent birth of her son Wolfie, but this album hasn’t gone too far down the fluffy, maternal route the more cynical amongst you might expect. It’s true that her song If I Lost You Now is an absolutely gorgeous lullaby of a love letter to her first born (that can easily translate into your standard lovesong fodder btw), but History Boys, which deals with the idea of bringing a child into this world, still manages to hit a very strong, political message home; Something Pallot has never been afraid to do and does very well.

In contrast to this, Turn Me On Again is, as Pallot puts it herself, about shagging. An epic, breathy ditty with sweeping strings… about shagging. First single from the album Put Your Hands Up is a perfect three minute pop song which piques your interest with its soulful, melodic first verse before crashing into a meaty, hand-clapping rock out.

All Bets Are Off is arguably the stand out track of the entire album as it showcases the incredibly fragile songwriting talent of the artist, but still packages it into a shimmering example of what should be on the radio playlists.

Nerina Pallot has been nominated for best female at the Brits, an Ivor Novello and has gone multi-platinum in record sales, yet people still don’t seem to know who she is. I think Pallot fans know a secret, and I’d hazard a guess that that’s exactly how she’d like to keep it.


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Review by Chris Wiseman

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