Sunday Just Got The Jonny Woo Show!

Nobody needs telling that Woo is Britain's top tranny (apart from the 'quality tabloids' which seemingly remain convinced he's a glamorous transvestite) but you may like to get yourself some reminding in... .

...and it's never been simpler because he's made himself a brand new show!

It's this Sunday 12 June at the unpronounceable XOYO club in none other than London. Perfectly judging the memory capacity of the above average urban homosexual after a weekend of cut-price (legal) gak and shopping it's called The Jonny Woo Show.

According to Woo, it's a lethal cocktail of one part-Jools Holland show, and one part... um, Jonny Woo Show. We can only assume that means acts galore, compere Woo jabbing away at a grand-piano/someone's boyfriend and a tambourine solo from cider-lashing song factory Adele* *Don't get your hopes up...

...although do get very sweat-hot at the thought of turns from Monarchy, Scottee, Lois and the LovE and Brendan Rodgers* *These are the actual acts, plus Ma Butcher and Jon Sizzle doing menacing things with drinks vouchers.

Want to be part of summat new? Maybe even an impromptu audience-participatory gay gospel choir? This is all you need know....

It's called: The Jonny Woo Show
It's here: XOYO Club, 32-37 Cowper Street, London, EC2A
It's at: 7pm, Sunday 12 July, 2011
Tickets: via Ticketweb or £8 on the t'door.
Photography credit: Ralf Obergfell

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