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Pale pastil-clad pop princess

Nicola Roberts' Beat Of My Drum

So Nicola Roberts has struck out on her own and scribbled out a single, and as it's officially release day we just had to announce our UNWAVERING ENDORSEMENT.

Nicola's following in the footsteps of the wildly successful Cheryl and the not so wildly successful Nadine (we don't know what happened to Nadine, she might be doing Karaoke in Scunthorpe or something. Either that or she's an extra on The Bill). Anyway Nicola's single is all very casual and cool, and the setting for the video is what looks like a disused ballet school in a West Yorkshire motorway town. We imagine they probably spent a lot of money on everything in an attempt to make it all look much more nonchalantly dilapidated than it actually is. Apparently our pale pastil-clad pop princess has cottoned on to the fact that understatement is hip these days.

Except Nicola Roberts doesn't say "hip". She says "hunky-dory" or "dandy". Actually she probably doesn't say anything, she probably just pouts and reapplies. Either way we like Beat Of My Drum (we really hope it isn't a euphemism). It's a little bit Grease-meets-the-Tings-Tings. And her leotard is very hip, sorry, dandy, and much more of a success than Madonna's which was a little bit garish and a little bit saggy.

Hop on over to iTunes to download the single now and LET'S GET IT TO NUMBER ONE, FAILING THAT TOP THREE.

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