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Now we’re showing our age…

The younger gays among you might not know that GT started life as HIM Exclusive back in 1974. A slightly more adult affair than our current incarnation, HIM was the first news stand mag for gay men, making us the longest running gay mag in the world.

Ahead of our 400th issue (and our 30th birthday is just round the corner) we have made our first issue available digitally via the GT App and

If you download the APP you get your first issue free, or you can read it online for 59p, we are planning to make other landmark issues available over the next few months so if you have any suggestions feel free to drop us an email.

GT is available digital for iPad, iPhone, Mac, and PC.

Want to know more about our history? Check out this 2008 mini-documentary.

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How about reprinting the infamous'Gay Guardsmen' issue of 1975?

Added by speedoric

03/07/2012 11:12:59