GTea Break

Coming out of the closet

Debbie Reynold’s closet, that is.

We’re in mourning – one of the biggest collections of Hollywood memorabilia is being sold off.

Movie star, legend and GT favourite Debbie Reynolds has been painstakingly archiving some of the most legendary costumes and props from the golden age of cinema for decades and now it’s all up for sale. Call us old-fashioned romantics but it breaks our heart that it’s all being separated and dispersed across the world.

It also breaks our bank balance as the original test slippers from The Wizard of Oz are in there. Thank god it’s pay day next week. Apparently that’s what that person walking around with slips of paper every month means, who knew?

You can download the (frankly amazing) catalogue for free at this website and the auction takes place on 18 June in, where else, Beverly Hills.

(Yes, we were slightly concerned when we read ‘Debbie Reynolds The Auction’ but we did, for a moment, consider buying her to have in the office, WHICH WOULD ACTUALLY BE AMAZING. Every problem would be solved by a wig and a song. Which isn’t far off GT at the moment actually)

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