GTea Break

Is there some reason my coffee isn’t here?

Did she die or something?

We’d like to take a moment to dispel the myth that all interns make coffee. Not at Gay Towers. Here we make our own coffee (but that’s usually because we don’t trust people not to put something in it) and at the moment we’re lamenting the loss of our beautiful Nespresso machine.

Yes, it’s one of those stories that involves a blatant product plug. But we have to say that before we’d kind of been talked into trying the CitiZ and Milk Nespresso (it sat in the box for weeks because we couldn’t be arsed with it) we’d never really considered a coffee machine.

Now we’re feeling the loss of our tiny but powerful friend and scrabbling round trying to pull together enough coins off our desks to get the £199 we need for one. Yes, GT actually paying for something. It does happen.

That and the fact that productivity must have gone up with the entire GT team wired on caffeine. “More naked men, more! COME ON!” *grabs cricket bat*

You can find stockists at this website, but they’re available at Selfridges and Harrods AS IF WE NEED A REASON

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