Harry Clayton-Wright

Beyoncé: The Queen of Pop

There's a storm brewing in the horizon, you can feel it.

Thunder claps are resounding through the land and big fat flashes of lightning are blinding folks without sunglasses… The denouncing of Madonna. Beyoncé is the Queen of Pop.

It's a title female artists strive for and one that few will ever come near, but at the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas on the 22nd May, Beyoncé cemented her position as the Queen. Performing her new single, "Run The World (Girls)", it was a similar moment to when Michael Jackson, at Motown 25, first moonwalked. She's obviously had so many iconic moments before, but this felt seriously special. With a jaw to the floor amazing routine involving a rear-projection (steady) and an army of girls, she strutted her Sasha Fierce and belted like her life depended on it. Michelle and Kelly, Jay Z and an astonished Rihanna looking on, Beyonce showed them all how it's done. This is an artist whose sheer energy, and raw power emanates from her like an incredible beacon of light from a lighthouse of fierceness.

From her time in Destiny's Child, Beyonce has come a very long way. Who can forget the days when she used to wear high waisted yellow trousers and 70s inspired crop tops?

Or that time she fell down the stairs, picked herself up and carried on whipping her hair like a trooper...

There's so many other moments from the Beyoncé back catalogue to choose from, but to summarise: Beyoncé is the classiest woman in pop music. She acts, sings and dances them all out of the water.

What about her competition? As much love as there is for Britney and her brilliant Femme Fatale, she needs to bust out the moves again and sing a few notes live to compete. It's too early to give Lady Gaga that crown and Rihanna is fierce, but we're talking different levels of ferocity here. The only true competitor is Madonna and that's where it gets interesting. Both fantastic at the subtle reinvention but until Madonna brings out some new material to get herself back in the game, it looks like Beyoncé is the winner.

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