GTea Break

So so so Scandi-lous.

Guess who's sort of back? It's not Mis-teeq :(

We were going to do a blog about a new Annie song but then we remembered just how amazingly brilliant this song was, then we found a 5 minute video we hadn't seen before and then.... oh just watch it:

Ooh, how noughties. And we'd forgot the 'Ged Up! Ged Up!' amazingness. It's the kind of thing we'd totally play at Push The Button at the RVT on 17 June if we were DJing. But we digress.

Annie: she's supplying guest vocals for The Toxic Avenger, who are a noisy bunch of fuckers (check out their obliterations of Song 2, or Fuck The Police) but come across a little more chilled with our now second favourite Scandinavian.


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