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Ya rotten lagger!

Prisoner Cell Block H gets nearer still to all 692 episodes being released

It’s the end of an (V)era as Prisoner’s original bitch screw wave’s goodbye in this seventh volume of the seminal Aussie drama set in the women’s prison Wentworth Detention Centre. If you haven’t got the first six volumes yet (and why not?), Prisoner features the complicated lives of both the inmates and the officers in ‘80s Australia, and all of the ensuing drama and backstabbing that ensues. Thankfully, Volume Seven continues to amp up the usual mix of genuine drama, campy fights and ropeable cons so there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Classic moments from this batch of irresistible episodes include loveable old lag Lizzie’s marriage proposal, lesbian con Judy’s discovery of her daughter and of course, old Vinegar Tits Vera Bennett herself gunning for the new governor’s job at Barnhurst prison.

One surprise plus of this set – and much to the delight of dedicated Blockies – is the inclusion of bonus features featuring commentaries from Queen Bea (Val Lehman) and notorious troublemaker Chrissie Latham (Amanda Muggleton), which add even more pop culture value to an already brilliant release. Get stuck into another 32 classic installments of this trashy cult gem.

(You didn't mention that it's full of women fighting. You'll lose points off your gay card for that. Here's a video of Vera drunk at work to make up for it – Ed)

Prisoner Cell Block H - Volume 7 is available on DVD now.

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