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The best thing out of Scandinavia since Fredrik Ljungberg?

And it’s a her. Get that.

She certainly set the tone for the night, as 26-year old Nanna of Danish Oh Land arrived on stage in what looks like a Native American-inspired huge white cotton head garment not even Gaga would be seen dead in. "I love you London!" she purrs with an adorable Danish twang before jumping straight into opener Perfection with irresistible charm. The notoriously hard-to-please hipster London crowd at XOYO is quickly won over, which is no mean feat, seeing her recent self-titled album certainly hasn’t been bothering the charts much this side of the pond.

She’s got the mix of cooky singer/songwriter and straight out pop-tart just right, and deliciously catchy first single Son Of A Gun is performed with playful precision and pitch-perfect vocals even Florence + The Machine would be jealous of. It goes a little something like this:

Hard-hitting beats and occasional wobbly dubstep sometimes dominated the gig harshly, but never overshadowed the star of the show. Even with two incredibly fit male bandmates all eyes were on her - blonde, beautiful and gorgeously petite - curse those bloody Scandinavians and their lucky genes. Occasionally she got lost in her own set with material that failed to ignite... Well, anything. But with cheekbones like that, we forgave her.

Words: Bjorn Thomassen

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