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1000th performance of Thriller Live!

No, we didn’t see it lasting that long either.

And to be honest, it only really grabbed our interest initially because Denise Pearson from Five Star was originally in the show.

But the Michael Jackson tribute show Thriller Live is celebrating it’s 1000th performance in London’s glittering West End next week. We’re not even being cynical (for once) when we say that it’s gone from strength to strength since Michael Jackson passed away. Not sure if they’re going to build the forthcoming trial into the show in future, but for now let’s concentrate on the fact that Blue are going to be performing in the show on Thursday 26 May.

Yes Blue that were beaten by Jedward in the Eurovision Song Contest last weekend but that would be childish of us to bring up again.

Shaheen Jarargholi, from Britain’s Got Talent, will also be performing and the audience is going to be packed with celebrities. We’re SO there.

Details can be found at the official website.

Can someone please get started on the Liz Taylor tribute show next? You come in with one man and then leave with another. Oh, that show’s already on in most Soho gay bars, nightly.

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