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Terry Poison @ Ruby Tuesdays, Ku Bar

RiotGrrl electro pop from TLV/BLN/etc

Firstly we are in love with Songkick. It's a simple website that you sign up to, put in all your favouite bands and it tells you when they're doing a show near you. We deliberately put in all the bands that we never thought we'd ever get to see again, because they either split up, rarely gig or live a million miles away.

So we were more than a little excited to be informed of Terry Poison coming to town, a band who started out in Tel Aviv, via Berlin and numerous other locations and band members. In the end it was a two piece boy-girl, singing and synthing combo, which we highly approve of.

We had to get in first. The slightly scary doorwoman said we had to be accompanied by a lesbian to do so, which although annoying gave us a little taste of what it must be like going out in soho for a lesbian. A bit rubbish and highly frustrating. Anyway, armed with a press card and the line "we work for Boyz", we got in. It was well worth it, as they played high energy trashy nonsensical electro bubblegum pop like this:

They ended with a brilliant electro cover of Material Girl, which as far as shouty female vocalists doing electro covers of classic pop songs, was right up there with this:

Although you have to imagine it with two people... (and performed in the size of Le Tigre's dressing room, and a crowd of 100, a fifth of which are paying attention to the band). It's swell with two people.

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