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You ought to be in pictures

You’ll be director, I’ll be your movie star.

And lots of other quotes related to being in a film. Why? Glad you asked – here’s your chance to be a part of queer cinema.

We love drag, we love people called Bette – so news of Bette Bourne The Movie caught our attention. It’s the inside story of how drag queens rocked the UK establishment and stars Bette Bourne, Mark Ravenhill, The Bloolips and the Gay Liberation Front. Bette was an actor in classic British TV series’ The Avengers, The Prisoner and Z Cars. Amazing. He gave it all up to fight for gay rights. Even more amazing.

So you’ve got a chance to be a part of gay history yourself and be involved in this documentary movie. For as little as £30 you can get a mention in the credits. Yes, it costs something, there’s no such thing as a free meal, etc.

In fact, there’s all different ways to get involved which you can see at this website.

Support queer cinema and all that. Right, that’s our politics. Off for a flick through Take a Break.

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