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Pop related post.

Sometimes we get sent one of those old fashioned plastic things, with a bit of round plastic inside it.

We were quite excited about the prospect of a new Dana International album arriving in the post, but on closer inspection it turned out to be Jennifer Lopez's new album. It's out already so we can't review it in the magazine *makes note, loses note* but it's worth a mention. We like this song Papi almost as much as we like older men:

Actually we like quite a lot of the album JLOve - about this much of it, which for a pop album is pretty good. And by the way twitpic, that picture is all yours, keep the rights. Don't thank us.

In other pop news, the new Sophie Ellis-Bextor album is 90% hits and is taking a right hammering in the office. There is a review in the new issue coming out, and we think we were unkind. It's a five star-er.

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