Dylan Jones

Brett Gleason’s Futile and Fooled

Bewitchingly beckoning alternative pop

Gay alternative music man Brett Gleason has started to attract some media attention with his disconcertingly daring vocal creations. Looks-wise, we want to say he’s smouldering, but that’s just a little bit too Mills and Boon. Could we settle for beckoning? Bewitching? We can imagine meeting him in a grotty 1800’s hole-in-the-wall on a cobbled alley by the Thames, where he’d tip his top hat and order a drink that was all dark and gothic, like a cocktail called “The Cut Throat” or something, served in a peeling gold-leaf goblet.

Unfortunately he doesn’t hail from 1800’s England, but rather Long Island USA, where he’s been making music since graduating from The New School University. People have drawn comparisons with Ben Folds and Amanda Palmer, but we think he’s a bit like a cross between Anthony Hegarty and Nine Inch Nail’s Trent Reznor (let’s try not to think about how that particular scenario would come about). His new single Futile And Fooled makes us want to change out of our Topman t-shirts, pour our vodka and cokes down the drain and do debauched, Cimmerian things like boil crows at dawn, or down absinthe in a Parisian ghetto.

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