Dylan Jones

Penchant for Pop

Finglerless leather gloves, Swedish men, and a warehouse

Scandinavian men are our new raison d’être (“reason for existence” for those of you who aren’t pretentious enough to drop Latinate languages into everyday conversation). They’re of notably large height and build, almost always have perfect Colgate teeth, and are almost excruciatingly liberal. Actually this reminds us of when we were at a house party in Helsinki and a wince-inducing creature in a shellsuit staggered up to us waving a beer around and proclaimed that he had “slept with a guy before but it wasn’t for me, sorry if that offends you.”

Another reason we love them is their penchant for shamelessly camp pop. Sweden’s Eric Saade, who looks unsettlingly like a cross between a gay porn star and something small and rodentine found in undergrowth, is their entry for Eurovision this year. In Popular he dons fingerless leather gloves (oOooOh), and the usual drop crotch jeans/high-top trainers combo and street dances in a warehouse thing with muscular backing dancers, blah blah blah. As with most Eurovision things we pretend to be scathing but actually adore it.

We also think Stockholm-based Neo is brilliant. He looks a bit like Mika but with better cheekbones (sorry Mika) and, in the video for his single Flower Power Supergirl, alternates between endearing bemusement and smouldering sultriness, which is always a nice combination. The whole thing is very camp and very sixties, so it must be good.

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